Community Outreach

We support both youth and adults that have struggled with abuse, neglect, domestic violence, homelessness, learning disabilities, coping with a tragedy, drug & substance abuse, and alcohol abuse. We provide a multitude of services and events to help our community.



Our Therapeutic Outpatient Facility, located at 736 N. Country Club Dr., Mesa, AZ, serves as our main facility for the Phoenix community. We provide DUI Services, Individual, Group & Family Counseling, and many other speciality services to support our community.


Therapeutic Residential Treatment

Our Residential Treatment Programs provide residential care and support, both physical and therapeutic, for male and female youth ages 11-17. The program empowers youth and prepares for them independence while assisting them with achieving their goals.


Outpatient Services

Our treatment and services are based upon each client’s needs and goals. Services provided are designed using evidence-based practices known for empowering families while enhancing stability. Services are flexible, and created on the client’s strengths and cultural beliefs.


DUI Services

We provide a variety of services required by law for anyone that has obtained a Driving Under the Influence offense. These services help reduce costs, and provides an explanation of the requirements, proper education, and being the liaison between the courts and the offender.



Everyone needs a helping hand. Submit your contact information and donation requests, and help support our therapeutic residential treatment program, DUI services and drug rehabilitation services. Help us continue to serve our community and, ultimately, save lives.


A Mary's Mission Success Story

Gabby first arrived at Mary’s Mission & Developmental Center at the age of 17. Originally from the Hopi Navaho Tribe, she struggled with abuse and addiction, getting into trouble with the wrong crowd from a young age.

Realizing those patterns were quickly steering her toward an empty future, she very courageously made the decision not to stay on that route and began the process of carving her own path from childhood to adulthood.

Her family supported her decision to get out of the environment. Moving away to become a resident of Mary’s Mission. She began the process of learning who she was, turned her life around and graduated from PPEP Tec High School-Sierra Vista.

“This helped me focus on achieving academic success,” she noted. "I was able to be happy (at Mary’s Mission) because, I was able to focus on school and myself and not worry about what others around me were doing."

Gabby will be studying Agriculture and Biology at Cochise College next semester. Reflecting on her growth and who she is today she added, “People can direct you but you really don’t understand what they are saying until you learn to trust yourself to make better decisions for yourself. This is a process I committed to one day at a time, gradually building confidence in myself.”

We are very proud of Gabby.

She is one of the many success stories from Mary’s Mission.

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