DUI Services

Mary’s Mission’s Outpatient Clinic offers ADOT and court approved DUI Screenings, Education and Treatment. Information is submitted electronically so the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles has instant access to your results. Same day appointments available.

DUI Screening

DUI Screenings should be completed within 30 days from the date of your court order. By completing your screening within a timely manner, you may also be eligible for a restricted driver’s license. Contact us today to check your eligibility.

Screenings consist of a face-to-face interview and two standardized tests which are used to measure alcohol dependency and substance abuse. Screenings typically last anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours and results from the screening are then submitted electronically to the MVD and to the court through written communication.

DUI Education

DUI Education consists of at least 16 hours of substance abuse education in a classroom setting and MUST be completed within 8 weeks from the date of the first class. A written pre-test is administered at the beginning of the class and a post-test is administered at the end of the class. After DUI Education is completed, confirmation is submitted electronically to the MVD and a certificate is provided to the court as verification of completion.

DUI Treatment

Level I DUI Treatment consists of 16 hours of DUI Education and at least 20 hours of group counseling that is provided by a Behavioral Health Professional or a Behavioral Health Technician. Treatment is provided in at least 10 sessions that lasts between 90 mins and 180 minutes. Treatment MUST be completed within 16 weeks from the admission date. Time can be extended for the following occurrences;

A client Serving Jail Time

Illness of a Client or Client’s Family Member

Death of a Family Member

After DUI Treatment has been completed, confirmation is submitted electronically to the MVD and a certificate is provided to the court as verification of completion

Driver’s License Revocation Evaluation

The Revocation Evaluation is Part “C” of the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department’s License Revocation packet. Revocation evaluations consist of an assessment and a 30 minute minimum face to face interview and by a licensed counselor. The counselor completes part C of the packet and mails in original copies to the MVD for review.

Arizona MVD makes the final determination as to whether or not a driver’s license is reinstated.

Be prepared for your appointment by having Part A signed and notarized as well as Part B completed by your assigned court.

We also ask that all clients bring in the following documents to their appointment;

State Issued Identification

DUI Education and/or Treatment Certificate of Completion

Driving Record

2 Character Reference Letters


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